Marathi Actor Kishor Kadam - An actor full of potential

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Kishor Kadam

Kishor Kadam

Not long ago he was known as a poet and with the name of ‘Saumitra’ he released his collections which were well accepted. ‘Garvaa’ was the most popular one. His lyrics have also been used for the title songs of some of the popular marathi TV serials . But, Kishore Kadam always wanted to be an actor. Born and brought up in Mumbai and having done his graduation here, his parents are originally from Nagar which is his native place.

Known for his portrayal of shrewd Businessman cum Politician in serials like ‘Asambhav’ and ‘Kulavadhu’, Kishore was recently seen in a different role of an eunuch in the film ‘Jogwa’. But, his selection in the lead role of a Bus conductor in the just released film ‘Ek Cup Chya’ reminds us of another veteran stage and film artiste Sadashiv Amrapurkar, who also made his entry into films with a bang via stage. There is no similarity otherwise in both, as Kishore has his own style. His body language and dialogue delivery makes all the difference.